Ever since I was a small child, I have always been attracted to exceptionally hard yet compelling artistic challenges, such as the insurmountable task of perfecting the interpretation of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Chaconne and the fugues for solo violin. I have always preferred the road less travelled, and where there was none at all, I forged my own path. I was looking for new ways to approach Bach’s violin works because I was curious about their form, structure and symbolic content. Just as Leonardo da Vinci opened up the human body because he was curious about the functioning of the internal organs, I tried to uncover the hidden anatomy of the pieces, the organic relations among their constituents. I had a chance to gain insight into the perfect order and harmony of Bach’s music, which allowed me, as a violinist, to strive for perfection in the interpretation of his works. It has been my lifelong mission to get to know and make known the unparalleled richness of Bach’s musical language and to bring it as close as possible to students and the audience.

Márta Ábrahám