A new chapter opens in the approach to Bach's works for solo violin
The new publication edited by Márta Ábrahám and Barnabás Dukay known for their Bach research is a real world premiere. After their book Excerpts from Eternity published in 2017, they are releasing a unique sheet music series in 2020.

The festive publication, curated by BioBach-Music Publishing contains the Compete Edition of J. S. Bach’s three fugues for solo violin and one fugue for solo cello with coloured notes, illustrations and explanations.

The first volume in the series is the sheet music of the Fugue in C major “Pentecost” (BWV 1005) was published in August 2020. The second volume, the sheet music of the Fugue in G minor “Christmas” (BWV 1001) together with a supplement of the theme’s list, and a poster was released in January 2021. The third volume, the sheet music of the Fugue in A minor “Holy Week” (BWV 1003) is expected to be released in September 2021.

Over the last 300 years, since they were composed, Bach’s Six Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin have become the “everyday bread” of violinists, violists and guitarists, these works are the cornerstones of their repertoire. This special edition, the fruit of many years of research offers a revolutionary new approach for learning and interpreting the three fugues for violin.

The gap-filling, educational methodology is the first in the world in this genre. Despite the fact that the three fugues for violin and the Ciaccona are basic requirement in exams, concerts, international competitions at music universities around the world, the literature on the analysis of these masterpieces is quite insufficient. Although there are some approaches – from the view of perfomance practice – , these are mainly aesthetic studies that deal with the pieces superficially and incompletely. The complex system of the works’s structural and formal relations is, in fact, is still hidden from the musicians.