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Béla Bartók – Violin Sonata No. 1


Bartók Béla: Violin Sonata No.1
Comitas, Alexander: Four pieces Op.1.
Marx, Udo: Ballade,
Lachert, Pjotr: Per Adele

VRT/ Radio3, Rode Pomp, 1999
Márta Ábrahám violin
Ildikó Cs. Nagy piano

Violin-piano pieces by Bartók, Comitas, Marx, Lachert, XX. s. masterpieces by European authors. Hungarian, Dutch, German and Belgian music, diverse melodies, atmosphere and style are present in the selection.
Bartók’s realistic, outspoken, raw tone is perfectly contrasted by the music of the naively playful Comitas, the romantic Marx, and the neo-classicist Lachert. It’s a real treat for those who like special, emotional character pieces. The tone of violinist Márta Ábrahám is characterized by a richly flowing full sound and light virtuosity.