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Chaconne analysis

Violinist Márta Ábrahám’s new publication, the Chaconne Handbook, which covers decades of research, offers a guide to the theoretical and practical study of J.S. Bach’s most popular violin work, the Chaconne (BWV 1004).

The easy-to-use, clear and comprehensible two-volume publication (book and sheet music) makes the interpretation, learning and performance of the Chaconne significantly easier.

Violin fugue analyses

J. S. Bach’s Three Fugues for Solo Violin Special Tricentennial Collection 1720-2020

The individual volumes briefly describe the creation history of the works, their structural and motivic analysis, and the symbolic meaning of the internal formal connections revealed during the analysis, which goes beyond the music, and then the sheet music made with the Colorful BACH technique, in which colorful sounds help orientation like a map and make the fugue transparent its internal structure.


Works performed by violinist Márta Ábrahám.