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The Colorful BACH scores facilitate the learning, and interpretation of Bach's music.
Márta Ábrahám, Hungarian violinist and Bach researcher created a visual method which makes learning easier, faster and more efficient!


Dr. Márta Ábrahám

I am a violinist, Bach researcher, and professor at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Budapest and the concertmaster  of the Ábrahám Consort early music ensemble.

Since 2012, I have been researching and analyzing the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

My mission is to renew and facilitate the learning and performance of Bach’s violin works for today’s young generation of musicians.

Hidden time code and symbols in Bach's music

In the course of my extensive research of analysing Bach’s music, I was able to decipher the logical system and symbolic meaning of Bach’s musical language. I discovered that the musical connections and the non-musical contents of the movements of the Three Partitas and Solo Sonatas series (BWV 1001-1006) are embedded in a complex system. The time-code hidden in the structure of the Chaconne and the decoding of the symbolic meaning of the three Fugues brought a breakthrough and a paradigm shift of musical historical importance.

Based on the results of the analyses, I developed my innovative music pedagogy method, Colorful BACH.

About our publications

The Colorful BACH scores offer new perspectives on Bach's music

Visual polyphony

Colorful BACH is an innovative music pedagogy method with visual tools; with colors, Roman and Arabic numerals, it differentiates the parts and the components of music based on a uniform system of music theory.

The colorful scores show the polyphonic music in a revolutionary way, in its layers, helps orientation in the sheet music like a map, and makes the structure and structure of Bach’s violin works transparent.

Thus the interpretation and performance of the Chaconne and fugues becomes more of an enjoyable and intellectual experience, pleasing to the eyes and ears.

Colorful BACH publications – technical books, manuals, posters – help everyone to better understand and experience the message of Bach’s music.


  • The colored notation shows the inner order of the polyphonic structure of the Chaconne and fugues
  • they highlight the themes embedded in the polyphonic fabric, countersubjects, strettos, inversions, double counterpoint
  • they make it possible to follow the horizontal-vertical musical processes
  • they shed light on correct voice leading
  • they make the structure of the fugues transparent


  • The colored notation is based on the most authentic original source, the autograph
  • is based on detailed formal, structural and motivic analyzes of the composition
  • it explores Bach’s intentions, compositional tools and the concept he implemented
  • it illuminates the unparalleled richness of Bach’s musical language


  • The colorful notation makes the memorization and learning process of the Chaconne and fugues easier
  • it raises the interpretation of fugues to a higher intellectual level
  • it provides guidance on HIP performance practice issues, creating a solid foundation for a polished interpretation

Get closer to Bach's music!

Traditional (black/white) notation

(colored) Colorful BACH notation